Smart Money Management Package

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  • Get caught up on bills (and stay that way!)

  • Get out of debt (and keep it off!)

  • Save & Invest in yourself 

  • Save for your dream home or that vacation you’ve been wanting to take!

  • Start an emergency fund (finally!) 

  • Plan for those unexpected expenses (like car trouble… ugh!)

  • Set up a plan even with irregular income

While working together we look at your personal finances and strategize a smart plan to help you make your money work for you!

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This could be you too!

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Ellen M.


While I love money, I don't love taking the time to figure out how to make my money work best for my situation, or figuring out how to save it.
Not only did Geily help me pay off over $10K in credit card debt in just a few months, she helped me figure out how to budget monthly in a way that helps me grow my savings, invest in my future (via an IRA), and have a comfortable amount in my checking account at all times. She's even helped me figure out how to cook more at home instead of eating out all of the time, so that was just an added bonus!😉
I can not recommend Geily enough for personal budgeting.


…more success stories coming soon!

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