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I'm Geily! (said like “Haley”)

My own #FreedomJourney…

Just like you, I got in over my head in credit card debt. I remember seating one day and realizing I was over $10K in debt!

What’s more, I noticed how much was going towards interest rates that was not going towards lowering the principal and decided enough was enough. I was ready to step out of the boat and was ready to start walking towards freedom. (Does this sound like EXACTLY where you are?)

I strongly believe we’re meant to live life abundantly and that extends over to our finances. Fast forward to today, I’ve paid it off, I’ve learned how to use my credit cards to serve me, not the other way around (don’t worry, I can teach you too when the time is right!) and have been able to help others in the same situation free themselves using the same principles and strategies I used myself!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or have tried paying off your debt for a while with barely any results to show for it, it’s time you reach out for help. Together we can crush that debt and start working towards your very own #FreedomJourney!

Geily Romero l Cutting Edge l Business Coach
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